Aquaculture Inputs

We provide result-driven inputs in the aquaculture industry. Thus easing Fish farming and making it enjoyable.

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Pond Construction

We design farm layouts & construct fish ponds with good water flow and retainers that are easy to monitor.

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Aquaculture Farm Setup

We provide farm layout systems depending on the farmer's available resources and production capacity.

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Hatchery Setup

Hatcheries are used to produce fingerling which helps in increasing the volume of fish in Aquaculture. We provide knowledge on fish handling for efficient production of fish seeds to farmers.

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Farm management

Being a huge contributor to success in fish farming, we advise farms on how best to program their farm activities for effective production.

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Extension services

We support existing and new entrants in Fish farming to promote equitable and sustainable development of aquaculture that contributes to the transformation of rural & socio-economic lives.

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