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Extension Services

We support existing and new entrants in Fish farming to promote equitable and sustainable development of aquaculture that contributes to the transformation of rural & socio-economic lives.

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Fish Farming Inputs

We provide result-driven inputs in the aquaculture industry. Thus easing Fish farming and making it enjoyable.

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Hatchery set up

We provide knowledge on layouts and fish handling for efficient production of fish seeds to farmers.

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Your success is our success. We are just a phone call or text away to offering our services. We also make follow-ups during project implementation.

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Over the past year, we have stood the test of time as the number one go-to result-driven products and service providers for farmers in the region.

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Our experienced technical support team is dedicated to offering services that help farmers to increase their income and the growth of their farms.

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We source for the best products around the world and bring them closer to farmers thus making them potential gloabl competitors.

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Frequently Asks Questions

  • Improved market prices for fish are attracting entrepreneurial farmers to tap into the opportunity presented by the prevailing demand for fish. As well, the adaptation of proper management and production measures at fish farms has resulted in the transformation of 20% - 30% smallholder subsistence ponds into profitable small-scale production units.

  • The temperature should be kept at around 24-28oC (75-82oF). Temperatures above or below this range affect egg production.

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