About Us

  • Based in Uganda, the establishment of Samaki Aquacare was inspired by the daily challenges faced by local fish farmers originally in Kenya. On realising the how wide the challenge was across East Africa, we chose to be located in Uganda with a goal of centralizing the solutions we offer to Fish Farmers across East Africa. To-date, Samaki serves clients from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and seeks to go beyond its current coverage.
  • Samaki Aquacare seeks to promote sustainable and economically viable solutions in the Aquaculture sector across Africa in away that triggers both indiviual national social-economic transformation.
  • Fish Farms, New fish farming entrants, people that need fish manage systems, hatcheries and those that seek for advice and knowledge in regards to Aquaculture.
  • Being the number one and best provider of fish farming skills and inputs that transform the Aquaculture industry in Africa
  • To improve food security and promote social-economic transformation through boosting fish farming and bringing inputs closer to all at affordable costs.